Science Fair

Mrs. Traci Wightman

4th Grade Teacher

Each year our 5th grade students participate in the Annual Our Lady of the Lakes Science Fair.  But this is not just a one night event.  These students begin their work in December and take months of time and research to complete their project by March.

The purpose of such a lengthy and in-depth project is to apply the STEAM concepts that takes each of the students through the scientific process on a topic of their choosing. Every student is required to ask a question, develop a hypothesis, test their hypothesis through investigation (experiment), collect data, analyze the data to come up with a conclusion, and determine whether or not they proved their hypothesis to be correct or incorrect.

Finally, the students must come up with a purpose for their project….in other words, how can their results be helpful to other people and use it in their everyday life.  The results are always astounding!