Trip to Detroit Economic Club Meeting

By Mary Campbell

Grade 12

A select group of Our Lady of the Lakes juniors and seniors were lucky enough to be invited to the Detroit Economic Club field trip. The trip was organized for students in schools around Detroit to sit in on a business meeting with the CEO of PBS, Paula Kerger. The meeting was held at the Townsend Hotel in a large banquet room. The Laker students were invited by the hotel’s sales manager, whose son was a former Lakes student.

When the students arrived, they were directed to a smaller room where Paula Kerger was going to come in and separately talk to the students not only about PBS, but also how she became the CEO, where she thought her life was going, and where it actually turned out to go. She explained to the students how education is so important, and how life constantly changes. She told the students different stories that led to her success, and then opened the remaining time to Q&A where the students had the opportunity to ask her questions about her personal life decisions, advice on going to college or not, etc. After Mrs. Kerger left to prepare for her meeting, the students met with a woman who works for Oakland University admissions, and a man who works at Plante Moran (an accounting firm). They each told their stories and answered any questions the students had.

After they left, the students were directed to the banquet hall where the meeting was being held. The students sat at their assigned table and ate lunch while Mrs. Kerger and other PBS workers talked to the members of the meeting about the defunding of PBS and why the government should not do this. They made some very strong points about how their broadcasting system is the only thing some rural areas have to connect with the bigger world. It is how they get their news, and also how children get a lot of childhood development and education. They talked about new ideas they had for shows to help children with every day situations and coping skills. The meeting ended with Mrs. Kerger explaining how PBS is essential to those kinds of situations, and should not be defunded by the government.

For video clip from meeting and more images please click here to visit the DEC website.