Henry Ford Museum of American Innovations

Mrs. Ashley Sumner

Third Grade Teacher

Last week, the third grade visited the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovations. Students were able to explore vibrant exhibits in a variety of forms.

After returning from the trip, students practiced writing an opinion piece by responding to the prompt “What was your favorite exhibit, idea or historical item from the Henry Ford Museum?” Students were then able to share them with the class. According to their responses, students enjoyed experiencing the bravery of Rosa Parks while sitting in her seat on the bus. Witnessing the legacy of Abraham Lincoln, specifically the chair he was shot in at Ford’s Theater.

Finally, how American innovators and technology have transformed the world as we know it. Throughout the museum students were able to participate in numerous “hands on” activities, for example, building a Model T using the assembly line, creating a paper airplane, designing an article of clothing and lighting the tower of power.